: relies on preceding statements, but places importance on the remarks that follow it.
: is a critical process: it begins with a question, it prompts an investigation, it frames a conversation.
: is a record of our conversations, confrontations and confusions.
: distills these raw, unmediated exchanges into printed matter.
: is not .
: does not arrive at conclusions.

: is a collective workshop on architectural practices and ideas based in New York City. It is a publication and a platform that aims to carve out a space for critical reflection within architecture by interrogating the vocabulary, rhetoric, and boundaries that constitute it. : materializes this discourse into printed records, exhibitions, and architectural interventions.

231 Bowery, New Inc.
New York, NY


Cecil Barnes
Wade Cotton
Isabelle Kirkham-Lewitt
Ricardo A. Leon
George Louras
James Quick
Lorenzo Villaggi
Lily Wong

with help from:
Lucas Lind, website design
Jordan Meerdink, distribution stand
Carlo Bailey, Issue 4
Harrison Bush, Issues 3+4
David Hecht, Issue 4
Bika Rebek, Issue 4
Valérie Lechêne, Issues 3+4
Sharon Leung, Issues 3+4
Michelle Tse, Issues 1+2
Sabrina Barker, Issue 1
Leah Guszkowski, Issue 1
Megan Murdock, Issue 1
Rashad Palmer, Issue 1
Michael Schissel, Issue 1
Alejandro Stein, Issue 1
Hasty Vigi, Issue 1
Zhewu Zhuang, Issue 1